The Dilemma

So now I have a blog. I’m not entirely sure what I plan to do with it, though I can guarantee that it will lack focus, and therefore an audience. Stay tuned for run-on sentences and poorly formulated thoughts.

The impetus for the creation of this site is a revelation that just occured to me today while reading Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation. Now my “revelation” may be an obvous point to some, or just plain incorrect to others, but I wanted to write it down while it was relatively fresh in my head and a blog seemed as good of a place as any. Without further ado:

America is in trouble, due to the following two hypotheses: One, the government doesn’t have NEARLY enough resources to even enforce the restrictions that theoretically already exist, let alone improve such fundamental areas as education or security; two, it is impossible to be elected on a platform that even hints at raising taxes.

These two properties reinforce each other in a recursive loop. I don’t foresee us breaking out of our self-imposed downward spiral before the system crashes. Cheery thoughts for your holiday weekend! More to come…

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