Joe Morgan le Fay

From my favorite baseball site, the only website I’m willing to pay for, Baseball Prospectus:

Liam (School): Joe Morgan said 13 times in one minute hoe Jeter’s HR on sunday was wind aided. The man has to be stopped.

Dayn Perry: Joe Morgan is such a cliche that bitching about Joe Morgan has become a cliche. I don’t even pay attention to him. I favor the color men who tell me “inside” things I’d never otherwise know about. Bob Brenly does this well, as does Troy Aikman in the NFL. If I want someone who knows nothing about statistics to talk about statistics I’ll go listen to myself ten years ago.
Baseball Prospectus | Events | Chat with Dayn Perry

The perfect quip for a serious pet peeve of mine: bad sports announcers. 90% of the guys on air will do anything but discuss the game that’s going on right in front of their faces. And the same guys are incapable of not speaking for more than nine thousandths of a second. Blep.

More on this eventually…

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