I Evoke Brow 2

Finishing books faster than I can crank out posts on them. Here’s one I recently finished: The Confusion (The Baroque Cycle, Vol. 2) by Neal Stephenson. A very aptly titled book. My first thought was that this was the first book I’ve ever simultaneously (that’s the word of the day, apparently) enjoyed and been utterly confused by. Then I realized that I’d experienced just that combination when reading Thomas Pynchon’s Mason & Dixon. The book switches back and forth between two narratives, each of which is filled with numerous characters (including historic people from Louis the 14th to Isaac Newton). I have not read the 1st or 3rd volumes yet–I thought that this book was the sequel to “Steampunk“, another confusing book. I didn’t find it to be a major hindrance towards enjoying this volume.

I think Stephenson is one of the best authors writing today. He’s from the school of Pynchon, but his books don’t read like a post-modern lit class. He has a real talent for storytelling, regardless of genre. For an easier start with his works, try his classic cyberpunk novel Snow Crash.

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