Music Survey

I stole the question from my buddy (and imminent roomate) Thom’s livejournal.

Name an obscure song that you enjoy that shouldn’t be obscure.
“Honest Hour”, Assembly of Dust

What was your last music purchase or download?
Every trip to the Mall of GA I let Heather shop for clothes and sneak away to Sam Goody, where I spend exorbinant amounts of money on used (“New to You!”) cds. This last trip I brought back 2Pac – Greatest Hits, Clapton and B.B. King do the blues, Nirvana – Nevermind, Santana – Supernatural, Beethoven’s Greatest Hits, and 1 or two others. The 2Pac discs are incredible–makes me remember why I was ever into rap.

I download a bunch of cds and shows every week so I don’t remember what the latest is. The last one I listened to was Grateful Dead – Trucking up to Buffalo. Craziest one was a reggae tribute to The Dead (haven’t listened to it yet).

For each season give an appropriate song…

Winter: “Rebubula” moe.
Spring: “Haleakala Crater” Disco Biscuits
Summer: “Mauna Bowa” String Cheese Incident. I’m not a huge cheese fan, but there may not be better music on the planet to roadtrip to with your windows down in the summer breeze.
Fall: “New York, New York” Frank Sinatra

What’s your favorite movie soundtrack?
Big Lebowski

Name an appropriate song for each of the following…

Birth: Beethoven’s 9th
Celebration: “Get Down Tonight” KC and the Sunshine Band
Death: “Po’ Lazarus” O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack

What was the first musician/band that you felt an affinity torwards:
First cd I ever bought was ONYX. Ha. If i ran into my 12 year old self, I’d kick my own ass. I went through a hair metal stage at some point too, but I think the answer to this one would have to be Pearl Jam/Nirvana, not sure which I had first.

Name a band that a friend would be astonished to find out that you enjoy:
Yo Yo Ma

Name a local act(s) that you feel should receive wider exposure:

What are some of your favorite songs to dance along to?
“Chameleon” Herbie Hancock. “Sundog” Perpetual Groove.

Name your favorite hair/glam metal tune:
“Patience” Guns and Roses

Is punk dead?
I hope so.

How do you feel about the proliferation of artists selling their music to advertising corporations?
Don’t care. I watch as few ads as possible anyway.

What’s your favorite shit-kicking/fuck-shit-up song?
“Killing in the Name Of” Rage Against the Machine
“Seat Of My Pants” moe.

You’ve died and gone to heaven. In order to gain entry you have to answer this question: What one song best sums up your life spent on Earth?
“Andromeda” PGroove

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    B-boys make some noise…and just..just…SLAM!

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