To Do….

Here’s my current list of books/authors to read. I miss summer vacations, I’ll never catch up with the pace I discover new books. I need to “triage” more effectively, by which I mean giving up more quickly when I find that I’m not really enjoying a book.

Blind Watchmaker
Extended Phenotype (And Other Dawkins’ Books)
Parnell Hall – Crossword Puzzle Mysteries
Tom Robbins
Ladies And Gentlemen, The Bronx Is Burning
Asimov, Best Stories
Fight Club
Mind Game
Pat Cadigan
Neal Stephenson
William Gibson
Haruki Murakami
Richard Morgan
Orchid Thief

Temple Grandin (Animals)
Game Theory
Stephen Baxter
The hidden game of football
New thinking man’s guide to pro football
My father the spy
Word Freak, Stefan Fatsis
Michael Pollan
“The Long Ball” By Tom Adelman
Best American Sportswriting (1994)
Robert Parker
Alan Alda
Grateful Dead Books (Phil Lesh in particular)
Infinite Jest
David Rakoff (From The Daily Show)
Nickel and Dime

Listening to: the sound of my head not pounding for the first time today.

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