My Phix Setlist

I:Run Like an Antelope fakeout (first few seconds only, just enough for everyone to recognize it)>Llama, Runaway Jim, The Sloth, Possum->Wolfman’s Brother->Fee->Run Like an Antelope

II:Jesus Just Left Chicago->Funky Bitch,Timber Ho->The Landlady>The Wedge->Brother, Character Zero

I call the first set “The llama’s on the lamb with the murderous marsupial; the lycanthrope charges dear for pursuing duikers.” Second set is “Jesus left the bitchy mule with his old landlady, then hit the highway (in his tub) to see the man Mulcahey” (if you read it right, it’s like a couplet, albeit a terrible one).

What a dork.
Listening to:I would be listening to Phish- Dog Stole Things, but idigit doesn’t have it :(

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