The Bruce

Slowly but surely, I’m getting back into the Grateful Dead. Today, I’ve been searching for a nice jam with Bruce Hornsby and ending up streaming parts of 1990-09-16. Morning Dew is a tune I can’t get enough of recently and this one doesn’t dissapoint with a climax that just builds and build to furious strumming and strained vocals from Jerry. Now it’s on to 1993-06-26, which I found while hunting for a “Lazy River Road.” Apparently it has a great Terrapin; I hope so.

In the past I haven’t been much of one for the Dead’s later years — the cheesy tone of the keys and the constant drums/space turn me off. I’m really interested in finding a good Hornsby jam after I recalled an interview with Phil Lesh on The Grateful Dead Hour (I occasionally listen to the podcast from The segment included a snippet from the bonus disc that came with Phil’s new book. It was a gorgeous jam with just Jerry, Bruce, and Phil; slow-tempoed, even mournful at times, and just stunningly harmonic. I’m seriously craving some more just like it.

Update: I got smart and actually check the GDH logs and found out the “Trio” jam is from 9/19/90. Deciding between that show and 9/20, which gets great reviews online.

One poster listed the all-time shows as: 2/28/69, 9/21/72, 10/30/73, 6/18/74. I’ll have to check all those out.
Listening to: Trio jam. Clearly my memory aint so good. This jam is great but FAR from “mournful”; rollicking would be a better description. The end is a bit goofy, but the rest really is top notch.

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2 Comments on “The Bruce”

  1. Don’t forget Closet Deadhead, Mike… at

  2. Mike K Says:

    How could I forget? I have to add links to all the podcasts I tune in to.

    Really, I’m just astonished that anyone else has found this blog.

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