The Amazing Bone

Co-worker Alice dropped off a children’s book on my desk today as a joke: The Amazing Bone by William Steig. As you can see, Alice and I agree that penis jokes are funny. I just leafed through it and came upon a nice passage:

Pearl stared at a small bone. “You talk?” she murmured.
“In any language,” said the bone. “Habla espanol? Rezumiesh popolsku? Sprechen sie Deutsch? And I can imitate any sound there is.”… Then it snored, then sneezed.
Pearl couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “You’re a bone,” she said. “How come you can sneeze?”
“I don’t know,” the bone replied. “I didn’t make the world.”

I don’t know why I find the bone’s retort so pleasing, but I do. It just seems appropriate to any situation. “Why are the Knicks so bad?” “”I don’t know, I didn’t make the world.” “Why is our country governed by jackasses?” “I don’t know, I didn’t make the world.”

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