Where the Buffalo Roam

Driving to work this morning, a large bison or perhaps wildebeest made a left turn into my lane, maybe a hundred feet ahead of me. OK, so not really. But for a split second I saw a black blob lurching across the pavement and my mind refused to process it as a car; all I thought was “beast,” with the tiniest bit of alarm. Then my visual processing unit rebooted and all was well. For the record, I didn’t start the morning off with a beer, bong-hit or anything stronger than a small glass of chocolate soy “milk.” I figured I’d record the incident here so that if I’ve gone completely nutty and sliced my ear off or something, someone can look back and go, “Oh, that’s when he started to go crazy.”

I will keep this site posted with further hallucinatory ungulates as they arise.

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