I Evoke Brow XIV: Play it, Leroy!

Tom Robbins, Another Roadside Attraction

I already put up a great passage from this book earlier. Unfortunately, the rest of the book is subpar. My plan is to work my way through Robbin’s works chronologically—this is his first novel and it shows. Not that there aren’t nice lines scattered about, but on the whole the style is heavy-handed and the plot and characters are seriously lacking.

This bit, though, is hilarious:

“By this time she had reached the lowest limb [of the tree she had climbed] and John Paul helped her down onto his shoulders. Her crotch pressed against the back of his neck. She hadn’t bathed yet that day although they had made love the night before. She smelled like the leftovers from an Eskimo picnic. He was inflamed.”

That still makes me grin. I read that in the break room with a work friend and cracked up, then had to read it aloud to hurn, sending us both into fits of giggles. The rest of that week we kept working “eskimo picnic” and “he was inflamed” into normal conversations.

Listening to: LivePhish radio: crazy Landlady, can’t figure out what show, dangit. For the record, it ended at 5:48 EST on 2/28/06.

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