This Greg Saunders post is about our craven Democratic Senators and interesting on that front. What has really stuck with me, though, is the following chart (reprinted without permission):

Bush Approval Ratings by Party Affiliation

Three out of four Republicans still approve of the way Junior does his job? If I was a real blogger I’d have a an appropriately pithy and withering comment but I’m dumbstruck and, frankly, appalled. I’d seen Bush’s total approval rating in the low 30s for so long that it never occurred to me that a plurality of Republicans still supported him. Ugh. I suppose a better way to put it (one that doesn’t make me as nauseous) would be that about 71% of non-Republicans dissapprove of Junior.

I was thinking of wiriting something along the lines of “what does this administration need to do to lose the support of its base? Strangle mass quantities of kittens? Start giving out tax writeoffs for Dalmation puppy coats?” but fuck it. If a third party doesn’t become a major player in the next few years I may seriously have to get the fuck out of this country.

3 out of 4. @#%^&@#@!!!

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