I Evoke Brow XVIII: In Which Book Review Boy becomes Book Review MAN

Woken Furies, Richard K. Morgan

Just as good as the first and second books of the series. If you read my reviews of the other two, you'll know that's high praise. The introduction is one of the best I've ever encountered, a pangalactic gargle-blaster to the brainpan. The three books in the series show an inverse relationship between the physical mayhem unleashed and the conflicted state of Kovacs' mind. Though he's just as psychotic in the earlier books, he has become less comfortable with his psychosis as the stories progress. Delightfully gripping stuff throughout.

No major complaints, but some minor stuff will keep me from giving it a perfect score: the sex scenes didn't seem to fit in as seamlessly as in the previous novels, there's also a bit of cheesy dialogue towards the end.


Listening to: Tennessee (Arrested Development)

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2 Comments on “I Evoke Brow XVIII: In Which Book Review Boy becomes Book Review MAN”

  1. Project Pat aka Methane Man Says:

    Gotta love throwin it back to Arrested Development, back when Speech was more than a noun. Although for my money Mr. Wendel was the cream, like a pan-galactic gargle blaster to my ears.

  2. Mike Says:

    Tennessee vs. Mr. Wendel is like Barry vs. Emmitt: really you can’t lose either way, but only pussies picked Emmitt as their favorite.

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