I Evoke Brow XXVI: So much to choose from…alphabet…Ironman references…I’ll go with As Many Reviews as the Yanks have Championships (to date).

The Fortress of Solitude, Jonathan Lethem

Not sure how this got on my reading list–must have been an Atlantic or New Yorker review. I can’t say I learned anything from the novel, or that I picked out any broad themes or other literary features from it, but I found it to be an interesting read. Had I not grown up in New York, I doubt I’d feel the same way–not that my childhood in the rich, pale waters of the Upper East Side closely resembled this tale of a Brooklyn ghetto in the 70’s.


[1 month later] It’s been crazy busy month at work, so haven’t had time to finish this post till now. Time to wrap it up. This was a decent enough book, with the middle section far more engrossing than the beginning and end. Call it 4/10.

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