I was kinda bothered by how, in the aftermath of the election, all anyone was talking about was the racial barrier that “we’d” (just over half of us!!!) overcome. I’m guessing it’s a generational thing (I’m twixt GenX and GenY/Millenials), but the question of race had nothing to do with my vote for Obama and I find it more than a bit disappointing that anyone’s did. We shouldn’t collectively pat ourselves on the back for entering a postracial world while we’re talking about nothing but race for a week straight. I’m not saying African-Americans (or whites who were active in the civil rights movement) didn’t have cause for celebration, but I prefer Jon Stewart’s take: the change that Obama really represents is having a President who treats us like adults. If Obama keeps doing that, I’ll be much more forgiving when I disagree with his policies.

Unrelated point, though it occured to me b/c the last sentence made me think about Obama’s choice of Hillary for Sec. State: is Colin Powell going to have a role in this administration?

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