Backwards Down the Number Line is the new Down with Disease

Phish 6/19/2009 -Backwards Down the Number Line- opener


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6 Comments on “Backwards Down the Number Line is the new Down with Disease”

  1. thom Says:

    I need your frame of reference and ideas first. I am not seeing it, but if enlightened, might understand your angle better.

  2. Mike Says:

    Cheery lyrics with repetitive sing-a-long choruses bookending upbeat half composed/half jam section. Seems like there’s room for an epic, DWD-style jam to grow in there.

  3. thom Says:

    I see your analysis, and in structure might agree. Overall tone is too different for comparison though. Number Line is a light feel good vibe whilst DWD has an almost angry, get me the heck outta here feel. DWD itself and jams will be heavier, while Number Line jams will be noodly sun-soaked bop-a-longs, like YaMar.

    and I like them BOTH! woo hoo!

    • Mike K Says:

      I see what your saying about the overall tone, but think about the guitar lick that predominates during the choruses–that thing happy as hell. I think your right about how the BDTNL jams will go, though.

  4. kieran Says:

    to a certian degree i can see where your coming from and it may be a great prediction but until i hear it get dark and diseasey (which it may have done in some of the second swing versions) i don’t think it’s there yet. i’ve not heard the latest from saratoga but that version it clocking in at 20+ minutes and starting the second set may help your case.

    • Mike K Says:

      I’m still plowing my way through the no-spoilers recordings, haven’t even hit August yet. Looking forward to Saratoga show now, though :)

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