Disappointment, thy name is Mike

Tom Tomorrow:

if Democrats do manage to blow this opportunity, at this particular moment in time, then there’s no longer any room for debate: apart from providing a half-assed bulwark against the ever-increasing lunacy of the right, they’re entirely useless.

I’m damned close to this point of view myself.

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6 Comments on “Disappointment, thy name is Mike”

  1. thom Says:

    I feel ya on this. It’s a tough America to unite though, this place has had it SOOOOOOO easy since post-WWII, that most of America feels so entitled and greedy that they can’t fathom giving in for a moment to make us stronger.

    Kind of aiming to head somewhere overseas when I get done with school to get some perspective.

  2. kieran Says:

    i can’t believe you libs are completely pissed with this president…

    change my ass. its business as usual just with a different agenda. maybe you just didn’t believe him in the first place. i’m not sure which is worse.

    • Mike K Says:

      Listen, after 8 years of that unforgettable (and unforgivable) concoction of stupidy and asshole-ishnish, I’ll take business as usual. I was just hoping for more than “a half-assed bulwark against the ever-increasing lunacy of the right.”

      I think my perspective on Obama right now parallels what the average Cubs fan must be like every year: “OK, I realize that decades of history should tell me to have no hope in this guy/team. But this could be the year!” And now Obama’s 6-10 and his playoff hopes are rapidly dwindling. Yikes, that analogy turned out better than I expected–I was just guessing that the Cubs were in a similar spot, I didn’t know their record till I looked it up just now.

  3. Mike Says:

    While I stand by what I wrote above, I should add that my disappointment is more with Congressional Dems that Obama. Really, I knew he was above all more committed to getting things passed than tasking risks, I had just hoped for better things. I thought Obama was giving away the farm on all these big bills but this article has recalibrated my sense of what’s possible to pass in this politicalenvironment: http://www.fivethirtyeight.com/2009/08/life-after-death-of-public-option.html

    “Why doesn’t the public option have the votes for passage? You’d think that a provision that is both fairly popular and money-saving was a good bet for passage. But the insurance industry really, really does not like the public option. We’d previously estimated that its lobbying influence has cost the public option something like nine (9) votes in the Senate.

    It doesn’t seem to me as though the Democratic leadership (including President Obama) is unnecessarily watering down bills for the sake of achieving a “bipartisan” outcome. It seems, rather, that they’re calibrating things relatively well, and squeezing about the most juice they can out of these initiatives given the institutional imperatives of the Congress.”

  4. kieran Says:

    had to bring up the cubs huh? thanks.

    how about a plan that actually reduces cost? and not in some magic “trust us” kind of way.

    • Mike Says:

      More and more I’m starting to believe that costs won’t come down unless you blow up the whole system and start over. But the moral imperative to cover the millions of uninsured will lead me to support whatever deeply flawed bill emerges from the sausage factory. Rising cost suck, but they’re not killing people the way a lack of coverage and dirty shit like screening for pre-existing conditions and canceling policies are. I want to see the safety net extended to all residents, hopefully make some real progress on costs with the next go round. If the apeshit wing of the republican party would take a long walk off a short pier, we could maybe have a substantial discussion instead of hyperbole about death panels and socialized medicine.

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