Spoken as a true NY Asshole

Posted by me in a reply to a comment bemoaning the stacked odds against Pittsburgh and other small markets about this baseball article, reposted here for posterity:

Looking at Nate’s numbers (http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=6182), you’d have to combine the populations of the bottom 5-7 teams (including your Pirates) to add up to the Yankees population share. The Yanks have 6 times the TV market of the Pirates. Couldn’t you make a utilitarian argument that Yankees fans “deserve” to win the title at least 6 times as often as the Bucs? 26 to 5 to date–wait a minute, you owe us 4 ;) Somewhat seriously, it reminds me of the electoral college, or the house vs. the senate–why should the people of Pittsburgh have disparate importance just because they’re a small market. In other words, speaking as an ex-pat New Yorker, why *shouldn’t* New York control America and the MLB?

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