Steven Goldman sums up my feeling on the subject nicely


Y’know, I devoured Heinlein in high school and emerged a naive libertarian.  Then I mostly ignored politics in college and for awhile thereafter, voting for Nader, then Kerry.  I thought of myself as an independent then.  Growing up in NYC, my baseline for normal is probably pretty liberal, but watching the Clinton administration in my formative years, I couldn’t muster much enthusiasm for the Democratic Party.  That Nader vote reflected my desire for “another path;” I held my nose and checked Kerry because Bush was obviously abhorrent.

I actually would have voted for McCain over Nader or Gore in 2000.  Then he went batshit crazy in time for 2008. I was *not* looking forward to voting for Hillary.  Then I got as swept up by Obama as anyone else.  Fed up with the political system and irrationality of the Bush years, Obama apparent promise of change was irresistible.  The Race Speech was where I absolutely jumped on the bus–it seemed like at last someone was defying the Kabuki play that is American campaigning.

To watch the Democrats squander every opportunity since the election, to see them show time and time again that they’re afraid to publicly and proudly proclaim the supposed tenets of their beliefs, to see them foiled at every turn by assholes and idiots…ugh.  To apply Bill Simmons’ Levels of Losing: I went through An Achilles Heel (Level 15) loss: “this defeat transcends the actual game, because it revealed something larger about your team, a fatal flaw exposed for everyone to see. … Usually the beginning of the end.” And when HCR dies, that’s upgrade it to a Dead Man Walking (L11): “applies to any playoff series in which your team remains “alive,” but they just suffered a loss so catastrophic and so harrowing that there’s no possible way they can bounce back. … Especially disheartening because you wave the white flag mentally, but there’s a tiny part of you still holding out hope for a miraculous momentum change. … So you’ve given up, but you’re still getting hurt, if that makes sense.”  And with the Senate’s failure to pass anything of substance even with a 59 or 60 seat majority, there’s an element of the This Can’t Be Happening (L8): “the sibling of the Full-Fledged Butt-Kicking. … You’re supposed to win, you expect to win, the game is a mere formality. … Suddenly your team falls behind, your opponents are fired up, the clock is ticking and it dawns on you for the first time, ‘Oh, my God, this can’t be happening.’

Anyway, barring a miraculous turnaround, I’m back to thinking that both parties are below replacement level.  The Repubs are actively damaging, the Dems passively so.  The long and short of it is that the Republican Party inspires outrage and loathing in me, while the Democratic Party _merely_ drives me to apathy. USA! USA!

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