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I Evoke Brow 33: Actually, I probably first read this book as Patrick Ewing neared the end of his prime, so it’s fitting

February 25, 2008

Watchers, Dean Koontz

One of my all time favorite books. I first read this as an adolescent, when I was heavily into Stephen King and Koontz. Eventually I realized that King stopped writing great stuff in the early Nineties (outside of the Dark Tower Series, but that’s a book review for another day) and the latter never wrote anything great–except Watchers.

Koontz is still Koontz–the writing is lurid and bombastic, not in a good way. The characters are one-dimensional and not even slightly realistic. Koontz is simply incapable of producing text of any literary quality. Yet in Watchers he somehow crafts an absolutely fascinating story. I won’t lie–if you don’t love dogs the way I do, I doubt it will have the same effect on you. But if you are a cynophile this one is not to be missed.

Since it’s Koontz, there are creepy psychopathic killers, both human and inhuman, and in truth they do hold up, as they are genuinely frightening. The real reason for my long running devotion to this novel though is the sense of wonder the author successfully conveys about every aspect of the “superdog.”