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Staking Out a Position

December 22, 2009

I’m not up to speed on the “kill-billers” situation, but I suspect that the topic will be old news in a few weeks. This bit from Nate Silver is worth repeating, though, because it nicely articulates my own feelings:

One of the reasons I consider myself to be a progressive/liberal/whatever is because, more often than not, I’ve found progressives to be on the “right” side of the argument. They’re more empirical, more “scientific”, less dogmatic, less sophistic, less demagogic, less anti-intellectual — not always by any means but at least some majority of the time. After tangling with the kill-billers, however, I’m beginning to have my doubts.

Basically, I only vote Democrat so far as I believe they present more reason-based positions than the Republicans–the farther they slip from that, the more Independent I become.

Oh, what I’d give for a third party. Not so much a Centrist party as an Empirical one.