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Rag Time

September 16, 2010

Who would have thought that searching my collection for “rag” would turn up not just the Dead song (which was stuck in my head at lunch) but also two other great tracks:

* * *

The Grateful Dead – Doin’ That Rag

The Band – Rag Mama Rag

Brock Butler – The Boston Rag [Steely Dan]


The Grateful Dead – The Eleven (1969-02-27)

June 30, 2008

Furious jamming:

The Grateful Dead – The Eleven (1969-02-27)

I heard this on The Garcia Discs, but it’s also available on The Fillmore West: Complete Recordings.

The Grateful Dead are, of course, the archetypal jamband. They were capable of alternating fiery, thunderous improvisation and spine tingling, captivatingly sweet melodies. They also were susceptible to drug-addled, endless noodling without substance, throw away short tunes, or just generally sloppiness. So they periodically fall in and out of my playlists.

One of the very interesting things about The Dead is the degree to which their sound fluctuated over the course of three decades of touring. ’69 Dead vs. ’72 Dead can sound wildly different, let alone 80’s or 90’s shows. On the whole this is a good thing, since you can picks tracks/shows from different eras to match the style you’re looking.

The Bruce

November 5, 2005

Slowly but surely, I’m getting back into the Grateful Dead. Today, I’ve been searching for a nice jam with Bruce Hornsby and ending up streaming parts of 1990-09-16. Morning Dew is a tune I can’t get enough of recently and this one doesn’t dissapoint with a climax that just builds and build to furious strumming and strained vocals from Jerry. Now it’s on to 1993-06-26, which I found while hunting for a “Lazy River Road.” Apparently it has a great Terrapin; I hope so.

In the past I haven’t been much of one for the Dead’s later years — the cheesy tone of the keys and the constant drums/space turn me off. I’m really interested in finding a good Hornsby jam after I recalled an interview with Phil Lesh on The Grateful Dead Hour (I occasionally listen to the podcast from The segment included a snippet from the bonus disc that came with Phil’s new book. It was a gorgeous jam with just Jerry, Bruce, and Phil; slow-tempoed, even mournful at times, and just stunningly harmonic. I’m seriously craving some more just like it.

Update: I got smart and actually check the GDH logs and found out the “Trio” jam is from 9/19/90. Deciding between that show and 9/20, which gets great reviews online.

One poster listed the all-time shows as: 2/28/69, 9/21/72, 10/30/73, 6/18/74. I’ll have to check all those out.
Listening to: Trio jam. Clearly my memory aint so good. This jam is great but FAR from “mournful”; rollicking would be a better description. The end is a bit goofy, but the rest really is top notch.