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Percy Hill – Chrissy Reid [Color in Bloom]

August 16, 2010

I really dig a couple tracks on this album, which I’ve had for years but only blow the dust off of a couple times annually for whatever reason.  The band didn’t last very long, but the keyboardist, Nate Wilson, went on to anchor the Assembly of Dust.  Sadly, he departed that band last year and his new band is pretty ordinary.  One of my all-time favorite keyboardists and he hooked up with excellent lyricists/singers in both Percy Hill and AOD.

Percy Hill – Chrissy Reed

If you like this track, exercise your skills, and listen to the catchy Ammonium Maze and 313 off the same album, Color in Bloom.

PS: does anyone actually read my blog anymore?  Drop a comment or email me if so.  I may let the music posts wither and die if not, just continue to use it as my personal space to get a rant out of my system every once in awhile.