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August 18, 2010

This is the second Democratic presidency of my lifetime (my infant self missed Carter by days), and we’re long enough into the current one that I’ve begun to gain some perspective.  No matter who’s in power, I complain about Democrats cravenness and ineptitude and I am horrified by Republicans’ dishonesty and the immorality of their social policy.  They are liars and hypocrites, the lot of them.  The only difference is that, were Democrats to somehow actual enact every liberal policy they purport to believe in (say The Rapture comes), I’d be thrilled, on the whole.  Whereas if the Republicans actually implemented everything they campaign for (say YHWH sends another flood), I think it really would be the End of Days.  But, as both sides are far more interested in raising money and making noise than in doing much of anything, it’s a moot point.

I realized all this about a decade ago.  But Bush, Jr. was such a bad president (or rather, headed such a bad administration), it was impossible for me not to tip farther into the Democrat camp.  And if the Republicans nominate Palin (unlikely) or some similar lunatic (fairly likely), I’ll punch Barry’s chad again–2000-2008 taught me that we have to at least have an adult in the office, no matter whatever else is at stake.  I’m back where I started now, though, throwing my support behind the most viable third-party candidate (one qualifier: they must be sane.  I’m looking at you, Ron Paul.)  Not that a Centrist bloc in congress or an Independent president would guarantee meaningful change, but there’s no chance of improvement if we just keep letting Rs and Ds shadowbox.

PS note to self, for a future post: do modern corporations represent an existential threat to American democracy?


Op-Ed Columnist – Missing Richard Nixon –

September 4, 2009

K-man, here are some reasons why I’m not as angry at Obama as you seem to think I should be. Krugman:

There was a lot of talk last year about how Barack Obama would be a “transformational” president — but true transformation, it turns out, requires a lot more than electing one telegenic leader. Actually turning this country around is going to take years of siege warfare against deeply entrenched interests, defending a deeply dysfunctional political system.

The South SHALL rise (cause it can’t fall much lower)

August 3, 2009

Every time I complain about living down here, H assures me that there are the same sort of people who drive me crazy everywhere. I offer proof that, yes there are assholes and morons everywhere, but there are undeniably more of them near us:

Hat tip to Krugman

Disappointment, thy name is Mike

July 30, 2009

Tom Tomorrow:

if Democrats do manage to blow this opportunity, at this particular moment in time, then there’s no longer any room for debate: apart from providing a half-assed bulwark against the ever-increasing lunacy of the right, they’re entirely useless.

I’m damned close to this point of view myself.

This area can’t get marginalized quickly enough for me.

November 11, 2008

For South, a Waning Hold on Politics

Don Dollar, the administrative assistant at City Hall, said bitterly that anyone not upset with Mr. Obama’s victory should seek religious forgiveness.

“This is a community that’s supposed to be filled with a bunch of Christian folks,” he said. “If they’re not disappointed, they need to be at the altar.”

Customers of Bill Pennington, a barber whose downtown shop is decorated with hunting and fishing trophies, were “scared because they heard he had a Muslim background,” Mr. Pennington said over the country music on the radio. “Over and over again I heard that.”

Mr. Obama remains an unknown quantity in this corner of the South, and there are deep worries about the changes he will bring.

“I am concerned,” Gail McDaniel, who owns a cosmetics business, said in the parking lot of the Shop and Save. “The abortion thing bothers me. Same-sex marriage.”

“I think there are going to be outbreaks from blacks,” she added. “From where I’m from, this is going to give them the right to be more aggressive.”

I’ll steal the words of The Animals:

We gotta get out of this place
If it’s the last thing we ever do


November 4, 2008

Here’s hoping I won’t regret getting swept up by ‘bama. Obviously, it’s an historic night.  Here’s what’s been going through my head:


September 27, 2008