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February 3, 2008

What a fucking game. David Tyree? Substitute Defensive Tackle whose name I’ve already forgotten twice tonight (Jay Alford, who rung up his second sack of the year tonight, and just his fifth tackle)?.  The lost fumble that wasn’t (it was–LOTS of luck went our way tonight.) Manning’s not a terrible choice for MVP but Iwould have given it to the Giants front 7 collectively or possibly Tyree, whose last catch was as astounding as Eli’s evaded sack on the same play. We’ll be watching that one on NFL films for the rest of our lives.

Most likely the biggest upset in SB history. In my head, I knew how great this Patriots team was (and will forever be) and dispassionately predicted they Giants would be stomped. But I also knew the fan in me would keep screaming at the TV and keep the tiny glimmer of hope alive. I thought the G-men were done before the game started, I thought they were done after the unfortunate early interception, and after the truly idiotic 12-men on the field penalty (I can understand that penalty occurs every know and again but how do you not know ALL ELEVEN GUYS ON THE PUNT RETURN TEAM!!!) I gradually realized that the D-Line was having a phenomenal game, that the Giants were holding the Pats to an incredibly low number of points, and that Brady looked inaccurate–either because of injury or the ferocious rush. Still I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Every time Brady aired it out to Moss I suffered a mild heart attack. I nearly died as the Pats seemed to pull things together, marching down the field with a succession of underneath passes to Welker and others. And when I knew they were getting a touchdown I realized it was going to fall on Eli’s shoulders and I announced to the room that that was a terrifying prospect.

Oh, Eli. This was a Eli game. He has got to be the most frustrating QB in the league to root for–all kinds of natural talent, flashes of brilliance, and wildly inconsistent. He has some terrible throws tonight but Lady Luck was on the Giants side. And that last drive, as the offensive line simply couldn’t hold back the pass rush any longer, was beautiful. So that’s Eli.

For any non Pat’s fan, that has to go down as the greatest Super Bowl in recent memory. What a grind. So many lead changes. So much on the line. It’s starting to sink in now. Ahhhhhhhh.


From the mouth of babes…

September 20, 2006

A quote from George Plimpton, by way of The Best American Sportwriting of the Century, about his 9-yr old daughter:

She had brought along some good-luck tokens she showed me — a stuffed koala bear in a miniature straw basket suspended by a ribbon from her neck. …”I hope he’s the right one,” she said. “I have another one, which looks exactly the same, who is bad luck.”

“How do you tell them apart?” I asked.

“If I have really bad luck,” she explained, “I know I’ve got the wrong one with me.”

“Perhaps you could throw that one away,” I suggested.

“It’s better not to,” she replied. “In case the other is really bad luck.”

To paraphrase David Halberstam, the editor of the collection, the best “sports writing ” is just good writing that happens to be about sports.

Joe Morgan le Fay

September 7, 2005

From my favorite baseball site, the only website I’m willing to pay for, Baseball Prospectus:

Liam (School): Joe Morgan said 13 times in one minute hoe Jeter’s HR on sunday was wind aided. The man has to be stopped.

Dayn Perry: Joe Morgan is such a cliche that bitching about Joe Morgan has become a cliche. I don’t even pay attention to him. I favor the color men who tell me “inside” things I’d never otherwise know about. Bob Brenly does this well, as does Troy Aikman in the NFL. If I want someone who knows nothing about statistics to talk about statistics I’ll go listen to myself ten years ago.
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The perfect quip for a serious pet peeve of mine: bad sports announcers. 90% of the guys on air will do anything but discuss the game that’s going on right in front of their faces. And the same guys are incapable of not speaking for more than nine thousandths of a second. Blep.

More on this eventually…