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On Clutchiness

November 11, 2009

Every couple months, Sean (oldest friend, die-hard Yanks fan) and I argue about Derek Jeter.  I am informed by and other baseball analysts. He watches more games than I do and has played team sports his whole life. Needless to say, we have different views on topics like clubhouse chemistry and clutch hitting. Along those lines, Alex Belth recently wrote:

A-Rod during regular season: .305/.390/.576
A-Rod during playoffs: .302/.409/.568

Same thing. Same player. Same guy.

(quoted from this Posnanski post)

I’d add:

Jeter during regular season: .317      .388      .459
Jeter during playoffs: .313      .383      .479


I’m gonna miss the old girl…

August 1, 2008

Great post over at Bronx Banter about seeing Yankee Stadium (v1.5) with fresh eyes: